Governing Authority (head)

The Body Bureaucratic (a bastard established in 1992) is the governing authority of the Archive of Poverty. The Body Bureaucratic provides the Archive of Poverty with its necessity-based acquisition and management policies, its institutional (archival) center, and primary substrate. The Body Bureaucratic has offices located in the head, hands, feet, tongue, stomach and liver.

Acquisitions Policy (hands)

In order to maintain the Archive, a system of value determination (appraisal) and selection for entry into the Archive must be implemented. Systems of value appraisal favor permanence; the Archive of Poverty subverts this by relying on a value determination process based on proximity to the Body. A shard of glass stuck in the meat of your foot is of greater value than a shard of glass on the sidewalk. A shard of glass stuck in the meat of your foot creates its own entry into the Archive through scarring, breaking the skin of the Threshold and circumventing the process of appraisal.

Programs of Preservation (heart)

The Archive of Poverty has instituted several programs of preservation to mitigate deterioration of the Body/Archive, including tattoos, environmental controls, storage management, disaster preparedness, unprotected sexual intercourse, and digital reformatting of the Archive.